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Puur Oerol Dark Sky Huifkartocht

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Location :Puur Terschelling, te Oosterend 39
Duration of activity :1.5 hour.
Present :15 minutes before the start.

Discover the magic of an enchanting horse-drawn carriage ride during the Oerol festival, to the European Nature Dark Sky reserve De Boschplaat. Here, you'll be guided by a Puur astronomer, surrounded by darkness so deep that you can fully enjoy the splendor of the starry sky without hindrance. The Dark Sky designation is a rare feature in the Netherlands, where nights are still truly dark, allowing humans and animals to lose themselves in the natural beauty as it once was everywhere on Earth. Here, where the air is pure and the tranquility descends upon you, Dark Sky transcends mere stargazing. Breathe in the pure air, explore the darkest corners of Oost Terschelling, climb the Jan Thijssendune for breathtaking 360-degree views of the varied landscape, experience the profound darkness, admire the starry sky on clear nights, feel the infinite space, enjoy the serene silence, listen to the sounds of nature around you, and receive a star chart of the sky at that moment afterward. Let yourself be embraced by the peace and relaxation of this unique experience.